WoodSong Nature Photography | Family Geometridae
The moth family Geometridae, whose members are also known as loopers, is the second most species-rich family of Lepidoptera worldwide. Since this megadiverse family includes specialists inhabiting all ecological niches, they are well established as a model group for numerous biodiversity assessments in temperate and tropical regions. Including many pest species, the family is also economically very important for agriculture and forest management. Adult specimens are small to medium-sized (wingspan of 0.7 – 12 cm), and usually cryptically colored. They are mostly nocturnal; their resting position is typically ‘planiform’, i.e. with wings lying flat on the substrate. Although geometrids occur everywhere except in the Antarctic, their diversity peaks in tropical South America, Africa and South-east Asia. Because of the destruction and fragmentation of their habitats, large parts of this mega-diverse fauna may be at risk of extinction.
(Source: Lepidoptera Bar Code of Life)