WoodSong Nature Photography | Family Noctuidae|Subfamily Acontiinae
The subfamily “Acontiinae” has a checkered history. It was early on treated as a receptacle for a large number of unrelated small genera of the Noctuidae. The family as treated in the last check list of the moths of North America (Franclemont and Todd 1983) included the tribes Acontiini, Eustrotiini, Bagisarini, Cydosiini, and Eublemmini. These tribes have since been scattered among the family and raised to subfamily rank. Recently in the paper J. Donald Lafontaine & Robert W. Poole, 2010, Review of the New World Genera of the Acontiinae (Noctuidae), ZooKeys 39: 137–160. (pdf, 3.79 mb) many changes have been made to the generic and specific names applied to the North American species of the subfamily.
(Source: Noctuidae of N. America)